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    Lightbulb New Forum Feature: Filtered New Posts

    You may have noticed a new forum feature as of this morning: we've added a Filtered New Posts menu item named '(Filtered)', immediately to the right of the existing 'New Posts' menu item.

    The (Filtered) feature allows you to filter new posts by excluding a list of forums from the (Filtered) version. At the same time, you retain the ability to see an unfiltered list of new posts by using the existing 'New Posts' item.

    We have added a new field named ExcludeForums to your user profile (access this via the Settings link on the upper right menu, then click on Edit Profile on the left). This field accepts a comma separated list (without spaces) of (numeric) forum ids to exclude from the (Filtered) new posts search.

    You can determine the numeric forum Id of any forum by going to the forum itself and looking at the Id following 'forumdisplay.php?' on the URL. You can also display the full list of forums here and simply hover your mouse cursor over the forum name and see the link URL display at the bottom of your browser.

    For your convenience, we have included a list of forum Ids at the bottom of this post.

    For example, if you wanted to exclude the set of German Language (Deutsch) forums from the (Filtered) search, you would add the following to this field:

    If you would like to exclude the forums in Portuguese language (Fórum em Português) from your search, add the following IDs to the ExcludeForums field in your profile: 73,74,75,76,77,80,81,82,83,85

    Forum Ids

    Windows Applications: 26
    Web & Mobile Applications: 6
    DataFlex 2014 Testing: 53
    Database Connectivity: 20
    Reports: 31
    Content Manager: 13
    DataFlex: 14

    Business Intelligence & Analytics
    Dynamic AI: 52

    Code Library: 4
    VDF SIG Codejock Library: 28
    DataFlex Graphics Library: 29

    Legacy Products
    AJAX Library: 19
    Character Mode Applications: 14
    Crystal Reports: 16

    Events: 12
    Building Business: 18
    Jobs: 11
    Product Direction: 10
    Company Direction: 17

    Deutsches Forum
    News/Aktuelles / Schulungen / Lehrgänge: 38
    DataFlex Windows-Anwendungen: 39
    DataFlex Web= & Mobile-Anwendungen: 46
    DataFlex Reports: 42
    Connectivity Kits: 44
    Beispiele / Libraries/ActiveX: 47
    Jobbörse/Stammtisch: 48
    Crystal Reports: 45
    Fragen zum Forum: 49

    Fórum em Português
    Aplicações Windows: 73
    Aplicações Web & Mobile: 74
    Aplicações DataFlex Character: 75
    Conectividade com Banco de Dados: 76
    Relatórios: 77
    Computação em Nuvem: 83

    Business Intelligence & Analytics
    Dynamic AI: 85

    Notícias, Eventos & Treinamentos: 80
    Biblioteca de Códigos: 81
    Oportunidades/Empregos: 82
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