Hi -

Not new to 16.1, but to 16.0.

Replace OE's Order.vw Qty column with the following:

        Object oOrderDtl_Qty_Ordered is a cDbCJGridColumn
            Entry_Item OrderDtl.Qty_Ordered
            Set piWidth to 47
            Set psCaption to "Quantity"
            Set pbComboButton to True
            Procedure OnEntry
                Forward Send OnEntry
                Send ComboDeleteData
                Send ComboAddItem "1" 0
                Send ComboAddItem "2" 1
                Send ComboAddItem "3" 2
Click on the combo button to get the list to drop down. It'll hide the value of the cell. click on the cell (off the button) & the value shows to the left of the button.

That what you wanted Dennis?