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Thread: Multi select records i a dynamic cDbCJGrid/cDbCJGridPromptList

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    Default Re: Multi select records i a dynamic cDbCJGrid/cDbCJGridPromptList

    Thanks for that wonderfull post, but I have one little problem with this script. I would like to have alle checkboxes checked, when I run the program.
    I did that with the following amendments in the code:

    Procedure OnSetCalculatedValue String  ByRef sValue                
        RowID[] rwSelected
        RowID rwCurrent
        Boolean bInitialize
        Integer iFoundItem iFileNumber
        Handle hDDO
        Forward Send OnSetCalculatedValue (&sValue)
        Get pbInitialRecords to bInitialize
        Get prwSelectedRecords to rwSelected
        Delegate Get Server to hDDO
        If (hDDO <> 0) Begin
            Get Main_File of hDDO to iFileNumber
            If (iFileNumber <> 0) Begin
                Move (GetRowID(iFileNumber)) to rwCurrent    
        Move (SearchArray(rwCurrent, rwSelected, Self, RefFunc(SearchSelectedRowId))) to iFoundItem
        If (iFoundItem = -1 and bInitialize = False) Get CheckedStateToValue False to sValue
        Else Get CheckedStateToValue True to sValue 
    Procedure OnSetFocus
        Forward Send OnSetFocus
        Set pbInitialRecords to False
    At first sight, it looks like it works:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	checkbox1.png 
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ID:	8680

    The problem now is, that I can uncheck each checkbox, by clicking on any column in the row.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	checkbox2.png 
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Size:	73.3 KB 
ID:	8681

    After I uncheck a checkbox by this way, I am only able to check/uncheck the checkbox, by clicking directly on it.
    What did I wrong?

    And if I am using this one, how do I call this procdure the right way?
    Quote Originally Posted by ivankaupa View Post

    Great class!

    I create my own subclass from your class adding two new methods: DoSelectAll and DoSelectNone:

        Procedure DoSelect Boolean bSelect
            Boolean bDynamicOld
            Handle hoDataSource
            RowID[] rwSelectedRecords
            Delegate Get Dynamic_Update_State to bDynamicOld
            Delegate Set Dynamic_Update_State to False        
            If bSelect Begin
                Delegate Get phoDataSource to hoDataSource
                Send Reset of hoDataSource
                Send Clear of (Server(Self))
                Send Find of (Server(Self)) GT (Ordering(Server(Self)))
                While (Found)
                    Get CurrentRowId of (Server(Self)) to rwSelectedRecords[SizeOfArray(rwSelectedRecords)]
                    Send Find of (Server(Self)) GT (Ordering(Server(Self)))
            Set prwSelectedRecords to rwSelectedRecords
            // Reposicionando o primeiro registro
            Delegate Send MovetoFirstRow
            Delegate Set Dynamic_Update_State to bDynamicOld           
        End_Procedure // DoSelect
        Procedure DoSelectAll
            Send DoSelect True
        End_Procedure // DoSelectAll   
        Procedure DoSelectNone
            Send DoSelect False
        End_Procedure // DoSelectNone
    Ivan Kaupa
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