Hi all,

I need help in a simple problem that I have not found solution, and have spended more that 2 weeks in this. I have this files

File1, File2, File3

File3 is childfile of File1 and File2

I create a view with File2 as the main server and file3 in a cDbCJGrid with file1 as the first field

When I create a record in the view and then create file3 in the table, and go back to the view to press F5, all gets clear and the fields I need to retain clear too.

This view exist for years in DF32 and VDF8.x, and I was asked to make the Upgrade to VDF16, but now I find this problem that do not let me advance.

I look in the forum for this problem I and found out that other programmers are having problems with similar situations in this version, maybe a bug or something ?

Please any advice will be very apreciated