John thanks for your response, I was off for few days.

I have the stock file (that is a child file of products and deposits), that I put in a dbcjgrid, when I create a product and go to the grid and save, the parents fields do not retain, BUT, if I delete the grid from the view all works fine. that logic has years working in diferents companys that I work for, the only diferent thing I am doing now is using VDF16.

What I did to "solve" this, was to manually put the stocks in dbforms when I create a new product so the user make sure the related stock was created for that product. Not pretty good but that was what I had to do to solve it quickly.

I will try what you show me and I will tell you if it works for my app. BTW I and very happy with the new VDF16, very good new things that I like to put in my new Apps.

Thank you and I wish you a very happy new year for you and all your family, and God bless you.