I have started to use the new PropertyGrid in a view, and having trouble with date fields. There are some cases where we want the ability to have the dates be null for it's use later. But when these database fields are presented to the user, they are coming through as 12/30/1899. They are also showing up bolded as well, as if they have changed.

I have already found how to reset the format to US by using

                    Procedure Private.Create Handle hoParent Boolean bRecursive
                        Forward Send Private.Create hoParent bRecursive
                        Set psFormat to "%m/%d/%Y"
If I add into the above procedure a

Send ComAllowNullDate '00/00/0000'
Then I get an Error 98, this seems to be part of cSigCjComPropertyGridItemDate, but that particular class is not usable directly as an base class to create an object on. It drops the debugging into limited break mode with an ACCESS_VIOLATION(0xc0000005)

I also tried adding in the following:

                    Procedure OnMoveItemDataIn
                        Date dDate
                        String sValue
                        Forward Send OnMoveItemDataIn
                        Get pvValue to dDate
                        If (dDate < '01/01/1900') Set pvValue to '00/00/0000'

And while debugging the function, dDate never gets set to anything, the vValue seems to get set to '00/00/0000' as I follow it through the program, but visually I still see the date as 12/30/1899.

It seems to be set to this in this section of SigCJW_PropertyGrid.pkg

Class cSigCjComIPropertyGridItem is a Mixin

    { MethodType=Property DesignTime=False }
    Function ComValue Returns Variant
        Variant retVal
        Get ComProperty of (phDispatchDriver(Self)) 0 OLE_VT_VARIANT to retVal
        Function_Return retVal
Is there something I can do to force this date field to be blank, or 00/00/0000, or something more telling as to this being blank within the property grid? Is it something I am missing, or something that is missing in the Codejock library?

Thank you in advance for any insight you can give to this, it's been frustrating me for a couple of days already.