Hi all

I have a problem with an VDF App that I instaled in MSServer2008 that is far from the clients

they first worked for 2 years in a workGroup without problems, but the company decide to install the server in their central officces on the other side of the town, so they asked me to let the users to access the App via remote desktop. They worked fine the first month but then the sesions started to hang up at startup of the VDF-App.

They are telling me that the VdfApp is causing the problem, causing a botleneck on the net because I put the direct access of the app in the startup of the start menu, when the remote session start

I use VDF14.0 and PSqlServer 10.3 with a 20user Lic. and 2 megas internet bandwidth

All of the clients access via remote dektop, nothing installed in none of them.

Has someone have this problem, any ideas would be apreciated

thank you

James Smiths