I work with word.
To create my com object,I use this lines

  1. integer i_nb_docs i_count
  2. variant v_index v_window
  3. handle h_windows
  4. move (comcount(h_windows)) to i_nb_docs
  5. move 0 to i_count
  6. while (i_count < i_nb_docs)
  7. increment i_count
  8. move i_count to v_index
  9. Move (comItem(h_windows,v_index)) to v_window
  10. if (isNullComObject(v_window)) Begin
  11. ...
For the lines 8 and 9, I receive the error message "Illegal datatype conversion"
I didn't have any problem in VDF15.1. Is it not possible to move an integer in a variant ?

Is it something changed ?