Hello everybody,

I search for an easy way to support JPEG pictures in our VDF 14.1 application. We use dbBitmap now, but as you know, they only support BMP. As I browsed through the forum, I found several approaches:

1) The Graphics library: The packages in the download section seem to be not supported in VDF 14.1, but start with VDF 15.0, so this will not work.

2) Display through internet explorer control: I don't like this, because - as I read it - an installes IE is required, and I know of some customers of us who have no IE.

3) Use starzen's FXImage: Would like to do that, but the online shop throws errors when using it, and there is no response via email for a week now.

4) Use Peter Crook's free class he posted some time ago:


Would like to use it, but the zip is corrupt every time I download it, and I did not find it anywhere else. (Can anybody provide me with these files?)

Can anybody help me with one of the above approaches? Or is there another way for me, other than converting to VDF 15 / 16 and using the official graphics library?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Thomas Arnold
Pelos GmbH