I did LOL yesterday when I saw this.
The problem is multitude.

  • I'm not really using the library myself in any of my current projects, just a few files of it here and there.
  • Upgrading the library and make it current has just become a lot more work with DataFlex 20 switching everything over to widestring
  • None of my customers use more than "just a few files here and there" and they have no problems yet (no DF20 in sight)
  • It is going to be a lot of -unpaid- work, not a few hours, we're talking days (maybe even weeks, depends on how much to upgrade).

If I have to do unpaid work, then I tend to make my own choices.

I'm afraid that the cWindowsEx library at the moment is somewhere at the bottom of the "do unpaid work" list.
To give you an idea:
There's The Hammer 3.0 and The Hammer 4.0 and DfRefactor that I already have enough work that I want to do. There's also a DataFlex language thing I need to get into Notepad++ before it changes too much. Then there's my own company products (mostly Vimalin).. all take time.

It's not that I don't want to work on it, the problem is that I cannot justify spending the time to get the cWindowsEx library all up to date.

Is there a specific part of the cWindowsEx library that you are having issues with?
Is it only about this global variable?