Hi Everyone,

Registrations are open for the 2010 Corroboree in Hobart and it's not too late to take advantage of the Earlybird rate of $290. That's a saving of $50 per applicant! Be warned though, the Earlybird rate expires at the end of August after which the full rate of $340 will be charged. As an added incentive Data Access Asia-Pacific are offering a prize to all Earlybird registrations - a keyless keyboard! Head on over to the DDUG website for more details.

Still deciding whether to attend or not? Here are some more reasons. Presentations confirmed so far include:
  • Several presentations from guest Eddy Kleinjan from Data Access including the new VDF 16 Studio, the new Grid Class, Cloud Computing and more.
  • Visual Dataflex Technical Road Map - John Tuohy via the web
  • Migrating from VDF7 – Trials, Tribulations and Success - Clive Richmond
  • A developer’s a guide on the how, and how not, to migrate a large application from VDF7 to the latest release.
  • Leveraging VDF’s Tool Chest - Tom Murphy
  • How to add the shine to your development and end-user’s experience by extending the VDF language and class library.
  • Adventures in Dataflex Webservices, JSON, AJAX & PHP - Matt Smith
  • A presentation on how to brew your own web applications using Dataflex and PHP.
  • Agile Software Development and VDF - Marco Kuipers
  • What is it? Why bother? How do I start?
  • Search Engine Optimisation - Peter Brooks
  • and much more to be announced....

Data Access Asia-Pacific are also pleased to announce that Eddy will be running some pre-Conference training. This training will be held at the same venue as the Corroboree and will cost $330 per day including coffee on arrival, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

AJAX Applications Workshop - Tuesday, October 5, 9am-4pm
  • Topics include: Setting up the Workspace; Using the Wizard to get started; Grids and Lists; Working with the TreeView; Using client side expressions; Calling Server directly from Browser; Creating Event listeners, like OnAfterSave.
  • Requirements: Working copy of Visual DataFlex 2010 (v16) installed; Internet Information Server installed.

Visual DataFlex 2010 New Grid Control Workshop - Wednesday, October 6, 9am-4pm
  • Topics include: The basics explained; Basic Grids; Cell Control types Checkbox and Combo; Loading Data into the Grid; Navigating Grids; Setting up a data source; Data aware Grids; Static data lists; Manually Filling the list; Calculated Columns; Prompt lists; Using the Field Chooser; Saving and restoring Grid Layout; Changing Colours dynamically.
  • Requirements: Working copy of Visual DataFlex 2010 (v16) installed.

To register or for more information regarding these pre-Corroboree Workshops, click here or phone 03 9761 3644.