We use entering_scope throughout our application to reload a screen, it's easy.

    Procedure Entering_Scope Returns Integer
        Integer iRet iAcNo iOldAcNo iAnswer iTab
        Boolean bRefresh bViewChanged
        Move Client.ACCOUNT_NO to iAcNo
        Get Field_Current_Value of oClient_DD Field Client.ACCOUNT_NO to iOldAcNo
        If (iAcno<>0) Begin
            If (iOldAcNo<>0 and iOldAcNo<>iAcNo) Begin
                Get Should_Save of oClient_DD to bViewChanged
                If (bViewChanged) Begin
                    Get YesNo_Box "The Client that is currently active in the Client Master screen has changes.\nYou have been looking at a different Client elsewhere in the program.\nDo you wish to loose the changes and load the Client you have just been looking at?\n\nPress No to keep the Changes." "Changes Detected" MB_DEFBUTTON2 to iAnswer
                    If (iAnswer=MBR_YES) Move True to bRefresh 
                    Else Move False to bRefresh
                Else Move True to bRefresh
            Else Move False to bRefresh
        If (bRefresh) Begin
            Send Clear of oClient_DD
            Move iAcNo to Client.ACCOUNT_NO
            Send Find of oClient_DD eq 2
        Forward Get Msg_Entering_Scope to iRet

        Procedure_Return iRet
The way to get the correct record to load in the view is to load the record into the buffer i.e. before Send Activate_oview you find the record you want