The new grid and dbGrid object make a change to having an object for each column.
That is brought forward as a logical change. And I think it is.

But from a promptlist the message Prompt_CallBack is send to the sellist. That is the way it worked in the past. But to make it work you always had to do a bit extra "ugly" coding.

    Procedure prompt_callback Integer hoObject
      String  sCurrency
      String  sCurrency_Description
      Integer iCol
      Get current_col to iCol
      If (iCol = 2) Begin
        //do something
    End_Procedure // prompt_callback
would it now not be more logical to have the prompt_callback coded at the column object.

In the sellist there could be something like this.
Procedure Prompt_CallBack Integer hoObject

   Give me the current column object which started the prompt

   Send prompt_callback of hoCurrentColObject hoObject

End_Procedure // Prompt_CallBack
I think that would fit better and more cleaner.