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I will happily admit I was trying to break this, mostly to see where the limits are.

For me, I'd say the upper limit on the cache size should be based directly on the number of rows visible on the screen. Your 150 row max is probably normally fair, but when you have a big monitor in Portrait mode, my screen res for my second monitor is 1050 * 1680 you can easily get 80 rows on screen.

Turns out that if your Cache size is less than twice the number of rows, scrolling down fails. It stops at 150 rows, and won't fetch more, if you can get 75 rows visible on the screen.

I tried but couldn't find how to set the row height & font so I could fit 75 rows on the smaller screen. The flickering is also related as to replicate you need 75 rows on screen, and click Find First on the tool bar, then click find last, and move the mouse, watch it squiggle. I've attached a workspace with view that adds 10,000 rows to a table to display in the grid.

Things I need to find in the docs:

1. How to set row height.
2. What message to send to say some other process has just shuffled the Database, please redraw all the visible rows FROM THE DATABASE.
3. how to highlight eh current row, the little tiny vertical bar cursor isn't enough. I cant find the cell I'm in.

I'll bet you thought we forgot about you and your report - no such luck. Please check out the latest changes posted here.