So I thought to myself, I have this new machine, what could possibly go wrong, with a clean install? Well for one the reports don't run!!

I had this DAC CD - "Crystal Reports for Dataflex" with "Includes Connectivity Kit (March 2008)", so I pop it into my brand new CD Drive of my new Windows 7, i7 Intel Chip set PC. I select the view files option, and there on the CD is Step 1, Step2 ans Step 3. How easy is this?

Step 1: I click on Setup.exe in the Win32 folder "Step 1 -Crystal Reports XI" folder and I go through all the steps to install, I select option "custom" since I used CDO's in my reports, I select Crystal Data Objects, to be included. I enter the Key and registration number.

easily done...

Step 2: I click on the Setup.exe in the "Step 2 - Crystal Reports Xi SP3" folder.

that was easy...

Step 3: I click on the "CRWCK." to install the DAC Connectivity kit. I register this too.


I test the Crystal Report Designer by opening up my Invoice.Rpt and it opens and displays the data from my application.


I update my environment PATH to include "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Business Objects\3.0\bin”

Now comes the sad part...

I open up my VDF application select "Reports" - "Invoice" - "Customer" and wham - Error!

Dialog - "Crystal report error. Could no connect to the Crystal RDC Application Object"

I'm using the "cCrystal" class in my reports.

Any Suggestions?