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    Default Visual Report Writer RC I available for download

    Data Access is pleased to announce that the Visual Report Writer RC I is now available for public download!

    Developers are encouraged to preview this latest software from Data Access - developed in Visual DataFlex - and to getting acquainted with it, test it, and help us to release the best software possible.

    Please register for the program and download the installation files, and read the documentation carefully. We look forward to your input to help us make this a great product!

    Supported platforms
    - Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (and higher) (32 bit)
    - Microsoft Windows XP SP (and higher) Professional 2 (32 bit)
    - Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (32 bit)
    - Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium or higher (32 bit)
    - Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32 bit)

    Note: Microsoft Windows 2000 SP 4 is not supported.

    Using existing reports
    The internal report structure (the format of the .vrw file) has not changed since Beta II. Reports built with RC I, will run with the full release of the product.

    Integration library
    Visual Report Writer comes with an Integration library. This library allows you to seamlessly integrate Visual Report Writer reports with your Visual DataFlex 15.1 applications. The library contains an Integration Wizard and classes for integrating and viewing Visual Report Writer reports.

    During installation you can specify the location of the Integration library. We suggest you install the library in a subfolder of the main Visual DataFlex directory, this allows you to add the library using relative pathing. To use the Integration library and Integration Wizard in your Visual DataFlex projects and Workspaces you must first add the library. You can do this by opening the Visual DataFlex Studio and select the ‘Maintain Libraries…’ option from the ‘Tools’ menu. Next, you can use the ‘Add Library’ button and open the ‘Visual Report Writer.sws’ file. After selecting the .sws file and clicking the ‘Ok’ button the library is added to the currently selected workspace.

    To use the Integration Wizard, simply choose the ‘View/Report’ option from the ‘File’ menu and select the ‘VRW Integration Wizard’ icon.

    Release Candidate I changes
    A big change in the RC I is that it is preparing for the final release, which will include registration and activation mechanisms.

    Here is how it works:

    • Upon installation an “empty” license file is installed.
    • The product will run in evaluation mode for a maximum of 60 days.
    • Registration is necessary in order to avoid an expiration of the evaluation mode.
    • After registration, you will have 30 days to activate the product.
    • Until you have activated, you will be prompted at startup to activate.
    • You can register and re-register at any time, via the option in the Help menu.
    • If you have not activated yet, start that option in the Help menu.
    • To register RC I, use the following registration code:

    Serial number: 1500
    Registration name: Visual Report Writer RC I
    Registration code: 9e328ed1-9fb464d10U1.1

    • HDE/757 Esc key should close dialogs
    • HDE/801 ‘Open…’ button in ‘new report wizard’ too small when using languages other than English
    • HDE/824 Treeview labels are missing in the ‘new report wizard’
    • HDE/969 Clicking the ‘Cancel’ button in the function editor after inserting a new function creates an empty function
    • HDE/971 Missing images in field explorer context menu
    • HDE/976 Hide close and arrow buttons in tab workspace
    • HDE/1047 ‘Error reading XML file’ when trying to start the integration wizard
    • HDE/1048 VRW crashes when exporting to PDF the first time
    • HDE/1049 ‘Auto Arrange’ function in ‘New Report Wizard’ and ‘Database Expert’ sometimes places tables at incorrect position
    • HDE/1051 and HDE/1059 Error 4135 generated when using an embedded table with NUMERIC field(s) defined as 14.0
    • HDE/1066 Using the ‘is any value’ option in the filter expert generated incorrect SQL statement

    Reporting bugs, comments and suggestions
    Please report bugs to Make sure to provide as much detail as possible to define and reproduce the problem that you are reporting.

    For further communications and information, use this forum

    A special note about “suggestions”...
    Visual Report Writer is a new product and in its first version intended to be only a basic report writer. Please focus any suggestions on how the current capabilities of the product could be enhanced or on any missing features you feel are essential to fulfilling “basic” reporting requirements. Suggestions for more advanced functionality will be kept in a “wish-list” for future releases.

    Best regards,

    Data Access Worldwide
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