Till the version VDF14.1, as the procedure "request_validate" is not sent in BusinessProcess, I had written in the "creating" procedure of the datadictionary

Procedure creating
If ...... forward Send creating
else Send Clear

In VDF14.1, it ran without any problem.
In VDF15.1, I receive the error message "DDP re-entrant operation attempted" and nothing is created if the condition is true or not. I am not sure that the condition is sometimes false but I had no problem in older version.

I needed a long time to find the problem because the "creating" occured in a BusinessProcess and I didn't received the "Unhandled Program Error" message. The debugging didn't showed this message or it was not readable. It's only when I made a test directly in the DEO that I received the message and could correct it. Could this error message be shown during the procedures in "BusinessProcess" too ?