Hi! VDF15 & Sql 2005

In a POS application, I print to a Epson TM-U950 with the Epson Advanced Printer Drivers and a VDF Basicreport.

Usually if I print a receipt of 20 lines or less, there is no problem, but if the receipt is long, let's say 60 lines or more, it starts printing but after a couple of lines I get a "Can't open output file". (No, the printer doesn't go offline or disconnected).

Does anyone has this error I always have (in different computers)?

I have solved this temporarily, sharing the printer and instead of sending the output directly to Lpt1:, I send it to \\computername\sharedprinter. But this also has a flaw, if the computer's network cable gets disconnected then I can't print.

Thanks in Advanced
Boris Reyna