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    Default Another compiler oddity..

    In an almost daily series of 'Mark breaks the compiler' here is the next installment.
    Attached is a modified version of my previous program that caused the compiler to get confused and lose it's lunch...

    This problem is mostly odd.
    I recall someone posting in another thread that I have not searched for reporting that the compiler was throwing an error 4328, 'Undefined symbol in argument' on a simple currentdatetime() call
    I got this same error and just never could figure it out, and started commenting things out and one of them was a really long line that I had not broken down yet.

    So, here it is
    A long string made up of smaller strings causers it to stop on currentdatetime() for no apparent reason.
    There could be 10,000 lines before it as there was in my case and in a totally different view but it will fail on the first one it encounters.

    Strange eh?
    Example attached.
    And yes, I know I am breaking the line length rule but why does it pass until it finds the first currendatetime() call?
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