I just migrated a workspace from 15.0 to 15.1 - no problems with compiling immediately after the migration.

But a lot of the files ( 268 ) have ended up in 'Other Files'.

The warning logs show reports like this:
Source.: Area_Maintenance.vw
Message: Undefined superclass 'cDJSdbview'. Verify that the correct Use declaration is present and/or that the superclass is defined before this line.
Action.: The source code parser cannot find the superclass in question. Check the pathing of the workspace and/or associated libraries for this class. If you choose to continue the migration without correcting this error, you run the risk of unknown issues arising during or after the migration process.

( cDJSdbview.pkg is my subclass of dbview that adds security. It is located in a folder that was also migrated as part of the wizard )

So can I easily move my views and reports in Other to the correct folder location ?

regards, Dave Porter