I need help translating a C# function call into VDF.

The C# function call looks like this:
private static extern void ShockproofGetAccelerometerData(ref APSReading accData)

It uses the following struct:
public struct APSReading
public APSStatus status;
public ushort x;
public ushort y;
public ushort xx;
public ushort yy;
public byte temperature;
public ushort x0;
public ushort y0;

So it seems that the return type is a struct.

1) Can the function be translated into VDF? Or is it not possible to use a struct
as the return type of an external_function? And if the latter is the case - is there any workaround?

I also have two questions regarding the struct:
2) I don't understand the "public APSStatus status;"
3) Should the byte type be translated into a VDF integer?