For Web Applications i can't register a metod that uses a variable type
like Handle. This produces a runtime error while initialising.

1. Allow all variable types that has a basic type of integer or
decimal, like handle, currency and so on. As many types as possible.

2. Allow RowId, the automatically serialize/deserialize.

3. If the above is not possible or desirable, at least make it either a
compiler error or a Studio error/warning, or both (best).

I like to use handles for all integer type *references*, including table
numbers, column numbers and index numbers. I only use typed integers
for countable things, like the MaxRows, iOrderCount and such. For
prices I use Currency, for Decimal I use Decimal (not Number). For big
integers, like from a database numeric type column, I use Bigint, not

And real errors that the Studio or the compiler easily can cath should
be catched there.

Knut Sparhell, Norway