While troubleshooting something unrelated I found numerous entries in a log file my application maintains stating:

"Error 25, line 70483: Find Equal: Table = INTRNS01 (81), Index = INTRNS01000 (0), Source = MSSQLDRV.Find"

Line 70483 in the application's prn file is simply: "Reread" -- no arguments.

How could a find error occur in this case? The reread command is supposed to execute a find eq on recnum/rowid only on all active record buffers when no specific tables are named. If the intrns record buffer is active, then how could the find equal fail? (and no, it is not possible that another user has deleted the INTRNS record -- this record is not even involved in this particular save routine -- it just happens to be an open table needed by other routines in the application.)

I would expect this error only if a "Reread Intrns" was executed on an empty intrns buffer.

Could this be a driver issue?

VDF14.0 / Mssqldrv