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    Lightbulb Forum Tip: Inserting images in forum posts

    This post assumes that you know how to attach a file to a post. The main trick for doing that is that you must use the Advanced Editor to attach files. If you are currently in the Quick Reply editor, click on the Go Advanced button to switch to the Advanced Editor.

    Inserting images into a forum post

    1. In the Advanced Editor, you can click the button with the paperclip icon in any post with attachments, you will see the list of attachments. Click on any attachment in the list to insert it into your post at the current cursor position.

    If you click the Preview Post button at this point, you will notice that the inserted image is a rather small preview version of your image. Clicking on the image will pop up a larger window that zooms in to show the full image.

    You can also insert the image in its full size in the post, but this requires additional steps:

    2. At the bottom of your post, below the Advanced Editor, in the Additional Options section, you will see a list of the files you have attached to the post.

    If you cursor over one of the file links, you will see the full URL to the uploaded file in your browser's status bar.

    3. Copy the URL for the attached file you wish to insert into the post in full size. How to do this will vary with each browser; in Internet Explorer you can cursor over the link to the file, right click and select copy shortcut from the context menu.

    4. Once you have copied the URL to the attached file, click the button with the image icon to insert the image.

    5. This opens a dialog that asks you to enter the URL to the image. Paste the URL into the form and click the Ok button.

    When you return to the Advanced Editor, the full-sized image will be inserted into your post.
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