Ok, why don't we see if we can get away with removing this one type. If anyone has an issue with this we can add it back.

The trend is that we will not create any new types and we will, as needed, change our internal code to use structs. However, if we think anyone is using any of the old types, we will leave them as is.

Frank, you might be interested in looking at tWinStructs.pkg as it shows how we are handling windows types. It is our goal that any new windows structs will get created, as needed, in this package. We are adding the prefix tWin the the windows type name and applying smart casing to the name (tWinRect). We chose this prefix so it would not interfer with the prefixes that developers have been using, which is usually nothing (RECT) or "t" (tRect). If developers create their own windows API structs, we advise developers to not use the same naming convention we use. Create your own. This might mean that you will have multiple names and definitions for the same stuct, but that is really not a problem. This insures that there will not be duplicate definition compiler errors and it also insures that the definition of a struct is intentional (two developer may create slightly different yet valid definitions). If you find the struct you are looking for in our package, you can use it.