Hi folks,

I'm experiencing a mysterious intermittent crash in a VDF12.0 that occurs when I open a view (the first view to be opened in the application). Following the same sequence of actions (start application, log into application, open view), it has something like a 1 in 10 chance of a crash.

The symptoms are that the application just disappears; no Windows offering to send information to Microsoft, no Doctor Watson appearing. Almost as if it's hit an infinite stack-recursion error... What I don't understand is why it only occurs intermittently, and why it never happens when running the same program under the debugger. (I suppose that the latter might indicate that it's some kind of timing issue as presumably it'll run more slowly under the debugger, and thus might not experience the same timing issues.)

I don't suppose anyone else has come across this before, or have any idea where I might start looking?