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We logged this issue in our bugtracker system.

A non-documented workaround is adding two instructions to your code. If
you change the OnClick procedure to:

Procedure OnClick
Set Size of oContainer3d1 to 30 130
Set pbAnchorCreated Of oContainer3d1 To False
Send DoCreateAnchors Of oContainer3d1 0 0
End_Procedure // OnClick

You will see the object no longer jump back to its original size.

Note; We probably will fix this internally for the future, so see the
above as a temporarily workaround.

Vincent Oorsprong
Data Access Europe B.V.
Hi Vincent

I knew I needed this (I'd used it before but I couldn't remember where) and I knew the answer was in Forum but it took a bit of finding. Could we have a documented method - e.g.
Send ResetAnchors to [object]
that does this?