Hi Data Access,

I was thinking the other day, that if I was DAW, I would be really
interested in how the VDF product is used.

On the same side, I think that many developers are happy to tell you.

So I thought of a VDF Studio Workspace Profiler. This could be a stand
alone program, perhaps in the start menu, or in the menu of the studio
that can be used by the developer but perhaps also by DAW support.

It could collect things like:
- VDF Version number Serial #
- O/S
- Other VDF versions installed on the machine
- Workspaces per version of VDF
- Per workspace, # tables in filelist per driver, # components per type,
date of last compile
- Usage of certain functions of the studio like macro's

The program could present a report on the screen, for the user to look
at, and then press 'Send to DAW' or perhaps Save as HTML.

Anyway, just a thought, worth typing in...