Really like the ideal. Additional info would be the version of any
drivers being used - ie: pervasive.SQL connecitity Kit License


Marco Kuipers wrote:
> Hi Data Access,
> I was thinking the other day, that if I was DAW, I would be really
> interested in how the VDF product is used.
> On the same side, I think that many developers are happy to tell you.
> So I thought of a VDF Studio Workspace Profiler. This could be a stand
> alone program, perhaps in the start menu, or in the menu of the studio
> that can be used by the developer but perhaps also by DAW support.
> It could collect things like:
> - VDF Version number Serial #
> - O/S
> - Other VDF versions installed on the machine
> - Workspaces per version of VDF
> - Per workspace, # tables in filelist per driver, # components per type,
> date of last compile
> - Usage of certain functions of the studio like macro's
> The program could present a report on the screen, for the user to look
> at, and then press 'Send to DAW' or perhaps Save as HTML.
> Anyway, just a thought, worth typing in...
> Cheers,
> Marco