Hi All,
I use a lot of ActiveX componants, and consequently visit a lot of componant
supplier's websites. Whenever I visit these sites, as a matter of course I
always check out the supported platforms for the the controls, and I would
imagine that a lot of other NON-VDF developers do the same. It strikes me
that if DAW were to contact these suppliers and maybe offer a Copy of VDF at
a much discounted price in exhange for putting a link to DAW on the
suppliers website. This could possibly lead to a number of advantages for
DAW, The Componant suppliers and VDF developers, alike:

1: DAW would undoubtedly gain some revenue which they might not otherwise
2: Non VDF Developers looking for controls would see the link to DAW. Many
would I am sure, follow it, if only out of curiosity. This is surely a
target market for DAW, and a perfect way to get exposure to the right
3. Although FlexCom2 is now brilliant at handling ActiveX, virtually no
supplers support it. Yet many controls work "Out of the box." If the
componant suppliers could be persuaded to get a copy of VDF many would be
tempted to test it with their controls. After all VDF would become another
market sector for them. This would lead to more support for VDF developers,
many of whom are put off from using acxtiveX due to the lack of support from
the suppliers.

Maybe DAW could even offer some help to suppliers in testing their controls
under VDF.

I might be that DAW has already tried this, but I thought it worth a post

Best Regards