After all the problems DAW had (is having?) with the MS news server
upgrades, maybe they have seen first hand some of our issues with the MS
environment. Both in reliability & cost.

Yep, it's that "L" word. OK, I'll say it out loud: Linux.

I'm not a Linux person. I prefer tools that make my life simpler (hence
VDF - most of the time;-) & I have yet to see, in my little bit of research,
a tool like VDF in the Linux environment. Even though I'm not that familiar
with it, I hear nothing but reports of stability, market share growth, and
people saying they'll never go back.

Way back when, DAC got left behind in the MS OS development arena. Hate to
say it, but it's true. More development license sales are made in a
day than VDF in a month? year? This is a shame, but maybe it really should
be looked at as creating a golden opportunity.

Maybe DAC could be the leader in RAD in Linux. I'm no OS wiz - but it seems
to me that with the 3.x Unix product already there, much of the work would
be the UI. OK, no simple task - but then DF 1.x wasn't either!

I know DAW consistently shoots down the Linux concept. I understand some of
the reasoning, but why are so many other companies embracing it? Imagine a
partnership with IBM on DB2 for Linux & their servers for example.

So - I'm throwing it out there. Maybe this is just another chance for it to
get shot down, but I had to try.