Congratulations with the new server and the reorganization!

Suggestions for groups:


All kinds of test postings and other material that doesn't need
archiving. Postings expire very soon. All Usenet hierarchies and most
private newsgroup servers have a test group to avoid off topics test
posts in the topic related groups.


About the newsgroups, new groups, how to use them, intended topics
(which group for which topics) and other administrative topics. Low
traffic for easy reading of old postings describing this server and it
groups. Repeated administrative postings about the use of the groups,
terms, conditions and policies.


A permanent group name for all open beta testing of new product releases.

archive? This group doesn't seem to have a purpose other than being the
mother of all the archive.* groups, or does it? It doesn't allow
postings either. If no intended use it could hopefully be removed.

Knut Sparhell, Norway