Hi Garret,

logged as bug # 5287.

On Thu, 15 Jan 2009 20:19:23 -0500, "Garret Mott"
<garret_at_automatesoftware_dot_com> wrote:

>OK - I know it's released, but I just found this about 15 min. ago. My
>little brain couldn't remember which # was Height & which was Width (had to
>'fess up ;-).
>Released 14.1 (RC2 uninstalled beforehand). Vista Ultimate
>If you expand Size, Min. Size, Location, etc. (I think any complex integer
>property) to show Height & Width (see attached) & then click on either
>Height or Width (can't arrow to them) - the just clicked on value changes to
>zero as soon as you click somewhere else.
>IOW - the pic is of the Min. Size of the OE Customer.vw. Copy the "146;247"
>(or else you'll lose it), then click on height & then click to somewhere
>else. The height changes to zero.
>12.1 & 14.0 do not do this.
>Maybe it's my installation, but I thought I should mention it.