Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce the release of Visual DataFlex 2008 - 14.1!

The development team would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who participated in the pre-release program. As always, your observations and feedback were instrumental in the design, construction and delivery of our flagship product.

You can download the latest builds at:

a.. The release builds include installations for the Studio, Client Engine and Web Application Server.
b.. The Testing newsgroup will be set to read-only on Friday, January 16th. Please do not start new threads in the Testing newsgroup at this time. Use the Visual DataFlex newsgroup for further communications about Visual DataFlex 2008.
For detailed information on the changes between the release builds and Release Candidate 2 see the attached Build Notes.

Visual DataFlex 2008 - 14.1 Highlights
a.. Data Modeling in the Studio
b.. Enhanced Property Panel support for classes, tables and events
c.. Enhanced Error Handling and Debugging
d.. CodeSense and QuickInfo improvements
e.. Support for Windows Server 2008 and Vista x64 platforms
Visual DataFlex 2008 Highlights
a.. Vista Support
b.. The Studio has a fantastic new look & feel
c.. Client Area Sizing
d.. Skinning Support
e.. Citrix Support
There is extensive documentation on the new features in the What's New section in the online help and we strongly suggest you read it in its entirety.

Please use the Visual DataFlex newsgroup for all discussions about Visual DataFlex 2008.

Data Access Worldwide