> There's a couple of problems I know about.
> 1) The error on function "IsUserAnAdmin" always comes up, I've not tried
> to track it down so far as it is not critical and only happens on the
> Studio. You need to use the "X" button on the initial error dialog to
> get past that one.

This error comes up because the developers from wine did not implement
the IsUserAnAdmin api call in shell32.dll.
It is a call that is not available for all win32 environments. According
to MSDN it exists since win2000, according to my quick tests not before

Anyways.. I've patched the wine version of shell32.dll and added a stub
for the function so that the studio no longer complains.

Here's the link for the script that will download the new version and
install it in your VDF bin folder:
(Same rules as before, make executable and double click)

Does this mean that the studio now works? No, I'm sorry, there's more
parts missing in Wine and due to that, the studio still crashes, but
doesn't complain as much anymore before it does that.

I'll have to have a bit more time available in order to track down why
that is (msxml?) and if it can be worked around. I've got a few ideas
and I"m not sure if it is curable without too much work, but will for
sure try...