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Thread: VDF2008.1 RC2 on linux using wine

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    Default VDF2008.1 RC2 on linux using wine

    Hi Everyone,

    Happy New Year to all !

    Over the years I've been running various versions of Visual DataFlex on
    linux using wine. While I personally do not think it is ready for
    production, it actually is fun to see it work.

    As I've had the question if it is possible to run VDF on linux popup
    quite a few times, I decided to setup a demo in a Virtual Machine (VM)
    this evening.
    So now I've setup a VMware VM with Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS and VDF2008
    Release Candidate 2 using wine.
    Fully configured and ready to run, it is all just a few clicks away

    VDF2008 has been pre-installed using the demo license, so only 30 more
    days to play.

    Of course this is not supported by anyone. If you want to run a
    supported version of VDF then use at least a windows OS in your virtual
    machine.. but with all the disclaimers in mind, it does actually work
    reasonably well.

    One note is that if you get an error, you might have to use the "X"
    button instead of the "OK" button on the error dialog in order to
    proceed. Not sure why that is, but oh well... you can't have it all I

    Here's my global install notes from the README.txt.
    Date: 2009-01-03

    user: vmware
    password: dataflex

    installed vmware-tools and thus the prerequisites as well (see history
    command for what has been done)
    The OS is up-to-date until the creation date.

    wine 1.0 is installed
    VDF2008.1 RC2 is installed.
    Subversion is installed
    The Hammer from the vdf-guidance repository is installed

    The zip file is approximately 1GB in size...

    You can get it from:

    Provided you have VMware set up, it should work right away.
    ALL vmware versions and every platform (windows/linux/OS X) is
    "supported" as I've used virtual hardware version 4.x for the VM. Not
    the fastest/most flashy version, but it does work on every VMware
    product (Player 1.x+/VMware Server 1.x+,VMware ESX3.x+,VMware
    Workstation5.x+,VMware Fusion 1.x and higher).
    If your VMware product is newer then it should be painless to upgrade to
    the current virtual hardware version.


    PS: Attached is a screenshot of a physical ubuntu box down here running
    the VDF14.0 Order Entry Example.

    PS2: It will take about another 90 minutes before the upload of the zip
    file is done, you won't be able to download the file before that time,
    but I'm not going to wait for that now

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