I have a combination of property settings that is generating a "DDO
re-entrant operation attempted"

The error initially occurred in a customer entry view that is part of an
order entry system we are developing for a wholesale distributor. While
testing the validation logic of our customer entry view, I entered a
customer name and pressed [F2] to see which field validations would fire.
After being prompted to select a valid value from a combo drop down the
"Reentrancy Error " occurred. Examining the source code of the view and the
data dictionaries for the tables involved, it didn't appear that anything
untoward or unusual was being done. After spending a few hours in the
debugger I tracked the issue down to a particular combination of property
settings. Use the following steps to reproduce the same error using the VDF
Order Entry Sample in VDF 14.1 Release Candidate #1

Step #1 -
Create a new Test Windows Project and add component order.vw.

Step 2# -
Open order.vw
Expand Data Dictionaries in Workspace Explorer.
Double-click OrderHea.DD
Designer mode for OrderHea.DD should display
Select "Validation Objects" tab
Double-click "Ship Table"
Source code for Object Ship_Table will display
In Properties for Ship_Table change Allow_Blank_State to FALSE
In Properties for Ship_Table change Static_State to FALSE
Save the changes to the DD.

Step #3 -
Load Order.vw in designer mode.
Select the "Ship Via" combo box.
In Properties for oOrderHea_Ship_Via, change Entry_State to TRUE

Step #4 -
Compile the project.
Open the order view.
Select a customer.
Select a Sales person
Make sure the cursor is in "Ordered by" NOT in "Ship Via"
Click [Save] button or press [F2]
Validation error displays "Invalid Value - Ship Via".
Click OK
A dialog displays "DDO re-entrant operation Attempted."

Is this combination of properties not proper or is this a buglet ?

-BO Lincoln