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Thread: Q: ADO, RDO, OLE DB, what to use?

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    Default Re: Q: ADO, RDO, OLE DB, what to use?

    Hi Guys,
    I am trying to re direct the DataFlex sourced crystal reports to use a SQL connection using DataFlex 18.2

    Starting with Hans van de Laar Code from and calling it from Procedure OnInitializeReport
    I get the location and login box for the files.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What am I missing our here?
    Where should I have connections.ini or ConnectionIds.Ini located?

       Set pbAutoLocateDFFiles to False
       //Hans van de Laar Code
       Procedure InitializeODBConnection Handle hoReport
          Boolean bAttached 
          Handle hoConnectionProperties 
          Variant vConnectionProperties 
          String sTable 
          Integer iTableItem iTableCount
          Handle[] hoTables
          Handle hoDatabaseTable
          Boolean bOk
          Get TableObjects of hoReport to hoTables
          Move (SizeOfArray(hoTables)) to iTableCount
          For iTableItem from 0 to (iTableCount-1)
             Get ComName of hoTables[iTableItem] to sTable
             Get GetTableObjectByName of hoReport sTable to hoDatabaseTable
             Move (hoDatabaseTable) to bOk
             If bOk Begin
                Get create U_cCrystalConnectionProperties to hoConnectionProperties
                Get ComConnectionProperties of hoDatabaseTable to vConnectionProperties
                Set pvcomObject of hoConnectionProperties to vConnectionProperties
                Get IsComObjectCreated of hoConnectionProperties to bAttached
                If (not(bAttached)) Begin
                   Error DFERR_CRYSTAL_REPORT "ConnectionProperties"
                Else Begin
                   Send ComDeleteAll of hoConnectionProperties
                   Send ComAdd of hoConnectionProperties "Provider" "SQLOLEDB"
                   Send ComAdd of hoConnectionProperties "Data Source" "THERM04\MEDIFLEX" // (psServerName(Self))  //  <-- You have to determine yourself
                   Send ComAdd of hoConnectionProperties "Initial Catalogue" "MediFlex" //(psDataBase(Self))
                   Send ComAdd of hoConnectionProperties "User ID" "" //(psUsername(Self))
                   Send ComAdd of hoConnectionProperties "Password" "" //(psPassWord(Self))            
                   Send ComAdd of hoConnectionProperties "Integrated Security" 1 //0            
                Send destroy of hoConnectionProperties
       Procedure DoInitializeODBConnection Handle hoReport // <---- Call this in OnInitializeReport
          Integer iReportCount iReportItem
          Handle[] SubReportArray
          Send InitializeODBConnection hoReport
          Get SubReportObjects of hoReport to SubReportArray
          Move (SizeOfArray(SubReportArray)) to iReportCount
          For iReportItem from 0 to (iReportCount-1)
             If (SubReportArray[iReportItem]) Begin
                Send InitializeODBConnection (SubReportArray[iReportItem])
       Procedure OnInitializeReport 
          Forward Send OnInitializeReport  hoReport
          Send Destroy_Object of hoSQLConnection
          Send DoInitializeODBConnection hoReport
       End_Procedure // OnInitializeReport
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