Only nine years late(!) but I've just had to do this

        Get DatabaseObject of hoReport to hoDatabase
        If (hoDatabase>0) Begin
            Get TableObjects of hoDatabase to hoaTables    
            Move (SizeOfArray(hoaTables)) to iTables
            For iTable from 0 to (iTables-1)
                Move hoaTables[iTable] to hoTable
                If (hoTable>0) Begin

                        Get Create (RefClass(cCrystalConnectionProperties)) to hoConnectionProperties
                        Get ComConnectionProperties of hoTable to vProperties
                        Set pvComObject of hoConnectionProperties to vProperties
                        Get IsComObjectCreated of hoConnectionProperties to bOk
                        If (bOk) Begin
                            Get ComCount of hoConnectionProperties to iNumProperties
                            Decrement iNumProperties
                            Get ComNameIDs of hoConnectionProperties to sNameIDs
                            For iLoop from 0 to iNumProperties
                                If (sNameIDs[iLoop]="Field Definition File") Begin 
                                    Get ComItem of hoConnectionProperties sNameIDs[iLoop] to vConnectionProperty
                                    Get Create (RefClass(cCrystalConnectionProperty)) to hoConnectionProperty
                                    Set pvComObject of hoConnectionProperty to vConnectionProperty
                                    Get IsComObjectCreated of hoConnectionProperty to bOk
                                    If (bOk) Begin
                                        Get ComValue of hoConnectionProperty to sDatabase
                                        Move (ExtractFileName(sDatabase)) to sTTXName
                                        Get FindReportDir sTTXName to sTTXPath   // put your path in here
                                        If (sTTXPath<>'') Begin
                                            Move (DoesFileExist(Format_FilePath(sTTXPath)-sTTXName)) to bOk
                                            If (bOk) Begin
                                                Set ComValue of hoConnectionProperty to (Format_FilePath(sTTXPath)-sTTXName)
                                    Send ReleaseComObject of hoConnectionProperty
                                    Send Destroy of hoConnectionProperty
                        Send ReleaseComObject of hoConnectionProperties
                        Send Destroy of hoConnectionProperties