I have a Crystal XI Report which is a one page invoice. (VDF12.1 using
cCrystal Class).
I am currently having a problem with printing from Vista workstations using
the current process, which is to send "RunReport" to the report object 4
times, each with a slightly different parameter so as to get 4 identical
copies of the invoice with the exception of "Customer Copy", "File Copy"
etc. This process reliably fails.

Therefore, I am looking at alternative ways in which I might be able to
achieve the desired result. One thing I thought of was to somehow create
the job as if it were 4 pages -- i.e. In 2.3b I would have output the "form"
4 times, with a formfeed between each one. In VDF I do not know how I could
accomplish this "repeating". I thought that maybe there was some Crystal
function which perhaps could setup a loop whereby it would loop through the
process 4 times (if it were passed a 4, 3 times if 3 etc.), and have the
conditional text print according to what page it was printing. Basically
send it info for the page, but Crystal loop and print.

I haven't found an answer to this issue. Anyone have suggestions?

Stuck in Massachusetts after a week of frustration,
Joe Coley

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