Harm and Vincent,

Most users of Windows applications will know the Tab key, but the ones
who know legacy applications are very satisfied with the Enter key. For
users of web applications the Tab key is more obvious. But VDF AJAX web
applications are often a replacement for legacy applications. Therefore
this question isn't as strange as it seems.

My input would be to implement this property. A developer can decide to
use it or not. But I really don't know if it is a lot of work or not.


Peter van Mil

Harm Wibier schreef:
> Hello Abdul,
> In addition to Vincent's reply.... You can't expect any property that is
> available in VDF Windows apps to be working with the Visual DataFlex AJAX
> Library. In the AJAX Library we chose to implement properties that we think
> are important and usable for web applications (based on input from our
> customers).
> So if we get a lot of requests for this specific functionallity we might
> choose to implement this (althrough I agree with Vincent that this legacy
> functionallity might not be what web users would like to see).


Peter van Mil