Hi All,

I am working on VDF14 and AJAX Library 1.2.

I have created a session variable as:


The contactId is getting assigned to session correctly.I have taken a
hidden textbox on a asp page as:

<input type="hidden" name="mycontactid" id="mycontactid"
value="<%=session("ContactId")%>" />

I want the contact Id for applying some constrains on contacts.

The problem is that, I am not able to get the session variable whenever
I am in debugger mode.I am accessing the contact id as:

Procedure OnAjaxRequestStart TAjaxRequestData ByRef tRequestData
String sContactId

Forward Send OnAjaxRequestStart (&tRequestData)

Get GetAjaxRequestUserData "mycontactid" to sContactId

Set psContactId of oPurchhdr_DD to sContactId

Send Rebuild_Constraints of oPurchhdr_DD


Without studio I am able to apply the constrain and getting the result
properly.But after 2 to 3 minutes the constrains not works i.e. if I run
my application without studio, it is showing me the applied constrain
result but after few minutes it work as having no constrains.

Finally the sessions are not working via studio and works partially
without studio..........

Why this is happening?

How I can deal with sessions in VDF, is there is some another method?

Please reply if somebody is present over there.


Warm Regards,
Abdul Rahim.
Epura India.
Itrix Inc.