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Thread: AJAX Library 1.1 for Visual DataFlex 12.1 Beta 1 is available for download/testing.

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    Default AJAX Library 1.1 for Visual DataFlex 12.1 Beta 1 is available for download/testing.

    We proudly announce the availability of the

    AJAX Library 1.1 for Visual DataFlex 12.1 Beta 1!


    To download the beta, see the details at the bottom of this message.

    Some of the new features:

    Auto suggest type boxes:

    AJAX Library Setup Wizard:

    AJAX Style HTML Page Wizard:

    Other new features/enhancements include:

    a.. An new attribute 'vdfDataBinding' has been introduced. The attribute vdfDataBinding can be used throughout the whole form to display data. It can be attached to any html element to display data read only data (althrough the element must be able to contain data like span, div, td and many others). On input elements the vdfDataBinding overrides the name.
    b.. Support for new user defined dialogs
    c.. New improved error system based on Try...Catch blocks
    d.. Function keys are not user configurable at the <form> level
    e.. A new attribute 'vdfUseDescriptionValue' can be used on displayonly style elements to display a fields' description instead of its stored value.
    f.. The following attribute are now available on field level to override a form's value: vdfValidateClient, vdfValidateServer, vdfValidatePrevent, vdfValidateAdjust
    g.. The field object now has a onValidate function which triggers before validating and can be used to cancel the validation.
    h.. JModalDialog now has onBeforeClose & onClosed events.
    i.. JModalDialog_DisplayDOM(sWidth, sHeight, sTitle, oContent, bClone, sContainer) can be used to display modal dialogs with content from anywhere in the page.
    j.. JModalDialog_DisplayURL(sWidth, sHeight, sTitle, sURL, sContainer) can be used to display modal dialogs with content from the specified URL.
    k.. User defined suggestion values can be added to the suggestion list using the vdfUserSuggestions attribute on a vdfField, adding properties also overwrite the vdfSuggestionType="none" setting.
    l.. Adding the vdfSuggestionType property to a field now enabled a suggestion list which will popup suggestions based on the user's input, values are "none", this is the default and won't display any suggestions, "description", this will use the values from the field's description table as suggestions, and "value", which will use all existing values in the table to determine the suggestionlist.
    m.. RMI calls now will show an alert message if an error occured, this alert can be suppressed in case of custom error handling.
    n.. The use of grids related to other grids (nested grids) is now supported.
    o.. A combo list no longer requires the use of the server side DDValue function to be generated, it is now possible to add a <select> element with the proper settings which will be automatically filled with the correct <option> elements.
    p.. A new examle 'Wines' has been added.
    There are three Visual DataFlex AJAX examples in the beta available. They are:

    a.. Order Entry: The Order Entry example application build using the AJAX framework. New modern, attractive interface, many of the AJAX framework features implemented. For editing of records the user needs to login inside the application, else the user can only view records
    b.. Contact Manager: The Contact Manager example application using the AJAX framwork. Users need to login to view or edit/delete records. The panel shows the usage of dblist for viewing records or dbgrid for editing records. A constraint-on-the-fly radiogroup to only view certain records is present.
    c.. Wines: The Wines application using the AJAX framwork. The 'Maintenance' page shows how to maintain mutiple tables on a single pages using a separate form for each table. These tables are shown each in their own tab.
    If you have any questions or want to report bugs about this Alpha release, then please visit our newsgroups and go to the newsgroup called Libraries.AJAX.

    Register and download:
    You can register for this beta by following this link:

    After you registered for this library you will get an e-mail with the download instructions for the library. The downloaded program is a setup program that guides you through the installation process.

    Have fun!

    The AJAX Library Development team at Data Access Europe.

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