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  1. Looking for someone with WordPress/Javascript /Webapp expertise.

    Due to incapacitation of one of our staff we have an immediate need for contract labor. Probably ongoing need. Part time/full time position is available if it works. All remote work.

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    Looking for opinions - Is there any reason that we could not test for a transaction being in process using the idlehandler to catch poor coding.

    I am thinking about something like

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    Re: SQL Return Type

    Yes, the problem is the the SQL return type is always 93, the DF return type is 2 even when the DF definition says it should be 7. I found a post that Raven reported this last year, DAC recorded it...
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    SQL Return Type

    Using embedded SQL we are having a problem determining the column type returned from the MSSQL server. For BOTH columns types set in DBBuilder as DATE and DateTime embedded SQL is returning 2 as the...
  5. Re: dbradiogroup item_change not happening

    It will but with a lot more work since I'm using dbRadioGroup Biggest issue is that I wasted time with item_change till I gave up on it.
  6. dbradiogroup item_change not happening

    The document event item_change does not seem to happen: VDF 19.0 Windows 10.
  7. Re: Looking for someone with VDFSig Codejock expertise

    My preference would be a Windows control but for this situation a WebApp control will work as the site will have a Webapp server that I can popup a page from within the Windows App to handle the...
  8. Re: Looking for someone with VDFSig Codejock expertise

    There is a standalone one in SyncFusion that we may decide to wrap. At the moment we are going to use a Webapp page to display a list of sliders to display/adjust Shop Order/Task date ranges as we...
  9. Re: Looking for someone with VDFSig Codejock expertise

    Yes. I need one with two movable points to represent a range.
  10. Looking for someone with VDFSig Codejock expertise

    We are looking for someone to help us implement a range slider to use with VDF 19.
    Needs to be able to have two moveable points.
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    Re: MailChimp or constant contact

    We have not done anything further on it as at this point it is really an integrate with our application issue. We have the API REST working. Let me see if I can get the Nathaniel to bundle it up...
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    cWebCombo OnFill called twice

    Running through the debugger I see OnFill being called twice. Is there a reason for this as it adds extra disk access'?
  13. Re: Errors Compiling our StreamV App under 19.1

    Compiling under A3.
    2 List and label errors - names already used, probably name conflict with new DF code
    Obsolete MEMORYSTATUS call - eliminated since it was used for CPM/TurboDOS
    Procedure call...
  14. Re: Errors Compiling our StreamV App under 19.1

    Whoops, we compiled under A2. Installing A3 and trying again.
  15. Re: Errors Compiling our StreamV App under 19.1

    Yes sir, we just installed Alpha3, converted the workspaces and compiled the current code. Surprisingly we did not get a whole slew of compiler warnings which we expected.
  16. Re: Errors Compiling our StreamV App under 19.1

    I'll come up with a better way. It just grew by itself over the years.
  17. Re: Errors Compiling our StreamV App under 19.1

    I copied GlobalMemoryStatus from your prior message.
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    SQL Express Server 2017 Info Post

    When the new SQL Server 2017 Express is installed it DOES NOT enable TCP/IP access from the workstations (it used to). You have to turn it on. If you don't you get a protocol not support error on...
  19. Re: Errors Compiling our StreamV App under 19.1

    Thanks, I'll look.
  20. Re: Errors Compiling our StreamV App under 19.1

    1. Where do I find doc on GlobalMemoryStatusEx, its not in the help. I get a hard compile error, not a warning.
    2. re SUBTOTAL: I thought I was in Alpha 3, Ill check
    3. Is there a limit to the...
  21. Errors Compiling our StreamV App under 19.1

    Following command causes compiler to run out of macro space:

    Procedure AddLine String s1 String s2 String s3 String s4 String s5 String s6 String s7 String s8 String s9 String sA ;
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    We are looking for a way to present a list (cWeblist) of items with text and an image for each list row. Putting the image in a separate column gets ugly. Is it possible to have multiple...
  23. Re: Converting WebAppServerProps table to SQL questions

    When upgrading a site for 17 to 19 it would be nice if DF automatically created the WebAppServerProps table.
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    Re: LogEvent not working?

    VDF 19. I tried running out side of the Studio and still no luck. Is the log supposed to show up in the same place the WebApp errors do?
  25. Re: Handling Time from multiple Timezones in a Web App

    You can get the timezone from the PC the user is on.
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