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  1. Re: Schema error creating a new table

    In SQL there is a default schema for each user / each database. Apparently it is also used for creating a new table? That would make sense. And my guess is that the default schema name for SA is...
  2. Re: How can I get a remote script onto my page after login?

    You should be able to dynamically load a script like below.

    function loadScript() {
    var script = document.createElement('script');
  3. Re: Webapp Page is blank if using domain name but works if use ip address

    That looks good, but I see it doesn't work. Since the application works, it is likely to be something with IIS. If you haven't already you could check the Windows Event Log and maybe the webapp log...
  4. Re: Webapp Page is blank if using domain name but works if use ip address

    Did you register the .WSO for ""? (And the HTTP module). If not, then you need to, :-).
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    Re: Advanced SQL filters questions

    SQL filter applies when a find is send to the direct DD. So if you have a orderheader --> customer situations then the SQL filter of the customer does not apply when you send a find to orderheader...
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    Re: 2 Questions

    Not quite on topic, but in case someone find this useful:

    Move "SELECT Size, FILEPROPERTY(name, 'SpaceUsed') AS SpaceUsed FROM Shop.sys.database_files Where Name not like '%log'" to sQuery

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    Re: DF20 FD files

    If feel it is a matter of time before Sture will add a table to Plato called [Tændbjørnmåne] or one of our neighbours comes up with a field [rückwärtsmöbelträgerfüßetypp].

    (and then start a...
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    Re: Temporal tables in MS SQL

    In that case you should be able to see those once existing records with dbExplorer.
  9. Re: WebApp can't find ConnectionID

    It might be that there is no cConnection object in the application.
  10. Re: SQL SELECT statement with a function

    Move ("'" + StrJoinFromArray(asGattung, "','") + "'") to sGattungList
    Add ("where Gattung in (" + sGattungList + ')') to sSQl

    Something like the above should work.
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    Re: Is there a way....

    Get Field_label of oCustomer_DD Field Customer.Email DD_Label_long to sTheLongLabel
  12. Re: ERROR 12289 - Error 23000 - Failed to create index

    From memory: it indeed does a truncate table, but I seem to remember there is an option to change it to a SQL-delete, as in some DB-environments a truncate is disabled. (that is the average SQL-user...
  13. Re: ERROR 12289 - Error 23000 - Failed to create index

    With SQL you do not need exclusive access to use Zerofile, you can just use it no matter how many people are in the system.
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    Re: Plato installation fail

    Add/remove programs has a search function, type 'plato' in there and you'll find it. Otherwise look at the D, as it is something like [Dataflex 20 Plato Sample].
  15. Re: pbHtml5NumberOnMobile and auto selecting Frustration

    A quick google search seems to agree that it is not so easy. he idea is that for end-users it is annoying to have an auto-focus and matching events, so they disabled it. Some people seem to have had...
  16. Re: Multiple webapps on the same user/session tables

    Hello Sture,

    I see you have it working now. I meant to check it when this discussion started, but it got snowed under - as we say here. It is as simple as share the session table and share the...
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    Re: Tenant details

    You can add information yourself like Samuel suggests, or maybe use Webset psAppicationTitle of oWebapp to 'This will be shown on the browser tab'
  18. Re: Multiple webapps on the same user/session tables

    Yeah, you can do that. I've running webapps that way at a customer. If you set the cookie to the domain, they can login once and be logged in for both applications. If they do not share the domain...
  19. Re: Custom Menu Item Font and Size

    Yes to apllication.css

    The CSS could be something like
    font-family: fantasy;
  20. Re: Diacritic insensitive search on cWebSuggestionForm

    In your query, you can define the collate. (select * from customer where [name] like 'alvarez%' collate Modern_SPanish_CI_AI). You can also change the collate of one fields if you wish, but that has...
  21. Re: Is XML Document built in memory before saving to disk?

    XML becomes exponentially slow. So if the XML will become twice the size, it will be 4 times as slow - or whatever the exact numbers are. So if you have a lot of records, you might want to look into...
  22. Re: OnClick not being fired for object in webapp.src

    You need a quote after the Webcon_Sizer, as that is the class. Than after openview you have two quotes, should be only one.
  23. Re: UK DataFlex Group Zoom Meetup - Thursday October 22nd 2020

    (This is the most British thread ever. You all should have a cup of tea with milk together!)
  24. Re: Cleanup big WebAppServerProps file

    Yeah, or you create a separate project to clean it up and be done with it. Both are 10 mins of work and both have their advantages and disadvantages. (although some will not be using SQL)
  25. Re: Exporting 1 Million Records very slow

    Just did a quick test on my machine: ~20 seconds to export 1M records.

    It is probably something with the view, have seen that before. You could maybe use a sql query to get the data and export...
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