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  1. Re: Multiple webapps on the same user/session tables

    This was essentially the same thing we did when integrating our DF webapp within Data Access content manager. It was easy once we figured the session management and cookies. Harder than you would...
  2. Storing pictures etc in your Database is VERY BAD IDEA

    But we all knew that right?
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    Re: handy shortcut in MSSQL-SSMS

    Cool - Thanks !
  4. Re: Results of 19.1 to 2021 rc1 conversion

    What is Staples20 Library ?
  5. Re: Bad software and Covid-19 vaccine distribution

    :cool: I had a job here in my current city that the boss required the two new hires (me and a friend) to wear suits to work each day with ties. Arrgh. Nobody else in our group had to do it. He was...
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    Drag -n-Drop in SSMS

    How many knew SSMS supports drag-n-drop from the object explorer into a Query window?

    Things I learned today :cool:
  7. Bad software and Covid-19 vaccine distribution

    Yet another big failure on a no bid government contracts to a big company for bad software.
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    Re: I need your help...

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    Re: Nice Case - Congrats !

    Great job guys !
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    Re: AWS Traffic

    RDP is only screen and keyboard. The data remains on the server.
  11. Re: Migration from DB2 to Mysql - loss of performance

    I had a fairly big MySQL database for a customer. They had a top of line server with 64GB of RAM and fast drives. Number of users was not an issue. I spent a lot of time tuning the database. At the...
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    Re: MSSQL vs DB2 vs ?

    I agree with you Sam. DB2 is often overlooked when making a db decision. Another advantage is it runs on every platform all the way up to IBM mainframes. I've connected to DB2 running on an IBM...
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    Re: MSSQL vs DB2 vs ?

    I've worked in almost all the environments (currently MSSQL) if licensing costs are an issue then I would choose MySQL from the standpoint there are plenty of tips out there for tuning etc. and it...
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    Re: Happy Holidays!


    Merry Christmas !
  15. Top 50 FREE Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Engineering and Programming Courses from the Ivy League Universities

    In case you need something to do during the pandemic.
  16. Re: Get the current active view when clicking button in command bar

    Function Current_View Returns Integer
    Integer Client_Object_Id View_Object_Id

    Get Client_id to Client_Object_Id

    Get Next_Mdi_Dialog of Client_Object_Id...
  17. Re: Beta2 installs, but won't run on AWS server

    Thank you Mr. Meeley. I have noted this issue. :)
  18. Re: Beta2 installs, but won't run on AWS server

    Thanks for the clarification. There are still plenty of Window Server 2012 servers out there especially on AWS.
  19. Re: Beta2 installs, but won't run on AWS server

    Does the web app server run on 2012 on AWS ?
  20. Explains why our conferences are so creative

    Cheers !
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    Re: Green car!

    The future is bright with bright minds like these.

    Thanks for posting !
  22. Prevent creating objects in MS SQL Server master database.

    Yep we've all done it including me.

    This blog post shows how to prevent "accidentally" creating user tables etc. in the SQL Server master database.
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    Re: Passing of another DataFlexer

    Great guy and a great DF'er. Long time President of DISD and kept the group alive during hard times. He will be greatly missed. RIP my friend.
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    Re: Studio: Dark Theme is Brilliant

    I finally got the editor dark theme working in 19.1 Just had to find the correct registry key.
  25. Re: Record buffer Lock question with MS SQL database

    No you are not missing anything. We were able to remove the system file from external tables. But if you still need it you can also control locking a bit using DD_Lock_On_All options. New Save etc.
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