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    Re: Porting from Windows to Cloud

    Hi Guy,

    It all depends how you intend to make your application available.

    Are your users from a single company or are we talking about multiple companies using your application?

    Are these...
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    Re: Batch Update Question

    Hi Sam,

    Is the use of multiple statements in the stored procedure required because many different tables are targeted by the updates?

    I ask because if a single table is the target of the...
  3. DataFlex programmer/analyst available (Québec, Canada)

    Looking for someone to assist you in your ongoing projects or you are planning to convert your DataFlex application from its embedded database to use MsSQL or one of the MySQL variants.

  4. Ressource DataFlex disponible (Québec, Canada)

    Vous avez besoin de quelqu'un pour porter main forte dans un de vos projets DataFlex ou vous prévoyez convertir votre application DataFlex pour utiliser MsSQL ou une des variantes MySQL au lieu de sa...
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