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  1. Re: Sophos catching 19.1 WebOrder.exe and WebOrderMobile.exe

    Hi Andrew,

    this is a known issue. The workaround is to exclude those files or the workspace from active scanning (but not full system scans).
  2. Re: DF19.1: Dfshape.pkg missed clean-up ?

    I agree. I'll log it to be cleaned up.
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    Re: Constrain OR function not working?

    In my experience, this can only come back to bite you in the {expletive deleted}. Most of the time, the poor coder who needs to read my code after a few years is ME. :p
  4. Re: DF19.1: Dfshape.pkg missed clean-up ?

    Hi Raveen,

    it's not USEd in any other package. Plus, we probably didn't expect that this would be used in anything but test code. As the ShapeControl doc states "ShapeControl is used to...
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    Re: Old DF Poster

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    Re: Delete row

    Hi Edgar,

    see RemoveFromArray.
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    Re: Reindexing -- again...

    Database Builder is available from the Tools menu. In Database Builder, access Reindexing from the maintenance menu.
  8. Re: Studio bug: Change of Border_Style not visible

    Hi Michiel,

    what version are you moving from? Could this be a result of font changes made in 18.1?
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    Re: Is this a bug I found?

    There is an issue with the embedded database on Windows networks. Plus, as Michael said, you get a lot more features and functionality with SQL, starting with more data types.
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    Re: Is this a bug I found?

    If you are using the embedded database, it only supports the same basic data types that it did in character mode. To use extended data types, you will need to switch to an SQL database.
  11. Re: Is there a way to NOT clear a form after a save?

  12. Re: Having trouble understanding the ORDER ENTRY example and Relationships

    I suggest that you work through the Tutorials in the help, then perhaps some of the other training materials Wil suggested.

    Also, you the Studio wizards! They will magically do the right thing...
  13. Re: Having trouble understanding the ORDER ENTRY example and Relationships


    are there relationships to other tables that also relate to History and SalesPerson? What happens if you remove the 'Set Server' line?
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    Re: Recreating INT files

    Hi Mike,

    run the SQL Connect/Repair Wizard.

    I suggest keeping INT files in source control, since you may make changes to them, such as adding client side indexes, that can't be recreated via...
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    Re: Why does this not work?


    setting the Value of a DEO does not trigger the Changed_State of the DD column, which is what tells the DD that the field has changed.

    Try this instead:

    Set Field_Changed_Value of...
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    Re: For development purpose only

    Hi Ralf,

    this is when doing what?
  17. Re: DF19.1 cWebMenuItem.psImage / pbShowIcons Odyssey in mobile webapp

    Hi Samuel,

    thank you for the well written information. I'll update the doc accordingly.
  18. Re: pbAllErrorsToEventLog doc link broken

    I will.

    Thank you and a Happy New Year to you, as well.
  19. Re: pbAllErrorsToEventLog doc link broken

    Hi Samuel,

    LogErrorToEvent is the replacement. I'll fix the sentence with the broken link.
  20. Re: Resetting (or clearing) a view of all data?

    A global clear command just isn't how OOP works, but there are other options:

    Several people have suggested broadcast, did this not work for you? If clearing the buttons is an issue, then you...
  21. Sticky: Re: Web App Styler for DataFlex 19.1 is Published

    Click the I button!
  22. Sticky: Re: Web App Styler for DataFlex 19.1 is Published

    Hi Edgar,

    click the I button to see the Help for the Styler.

    it's really not that complex:
    - Go to the Styler
    - Select a color palette to use from New (unless you just want to start with your...
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    Re: db view not re-appearing

    Hi Isaac,

    that should not happen. What if you use 'send Activate_oServiceCreationTroubleshooting' instead of 'Send Activate_View' in the button?
  24. Sticky: Web App Styler for DataFlex 19.1 is Published

    We are pleased to announce the publication of the 19.1 version of the Web App Styler. In addition to a Flat Touch and Desktop, it now supports styling of Material Design themes. Any existing theme...
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    Re: Dynamic saving of records

    That looks correct. No errors? Is there actual data in the DD columns before saving (most importantly, are all index columns filled)?
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