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  1. Re: First impressions with the DataFlex 2020 Technical Preview

    Found what I did wrong initially, it does not crash if you convert the tables from recnum to standard tables (which I always do). We'll look into this...
  2. Re: First impressions with the DataFlex 2020 Technical Preview

    Drats, you are right. It does seem to be quite picky, in a slightly different version of Order Entry on MS SQL it does not happen..
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    Re: Argument_size and UTF8 strings

    Yes, argument_size is still 64kb. Not sure if increasing the default would help a lot. Getting rid of it is pretty high on our list, but it might not make it into this rev.. When we started NextGen...
  4. Re: First impressions with the DataFlex 2020 Technical Preview

    Of course if you find reproducible steps to cause a crash like that, let us know!
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    Re: Studio: Cursor in wrong place

    Hi Mike,

    These characters are so called 'composite characters'. The editor of the studio doesn't support those well. The editor only really supports UCS-2, which is a subset of unicode.

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    Re: Strings for Binary Data

    Good point! We haven't looked at cHttpTransfer yet, we'll certainly consider changing it to use UChar arrays.
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    Re: WebApp Update Problem

    This could be a lot of things. Do you get this error immediately when opening a webapp, or do you see the error a in web framework dialog? Try enabling detailed errors, maybe it tells some more....
  8. Re: Problem with custom forward navigation after update to final version of DF19.1

    Hi Genildo,

    Did you update to the new build of 19.1 (!)? That build should contain the fix for...
  9. Re: psPlaceholder just not working in cWebGrid

    Yeah, that won't work. We'll look into fixing this for next rev (or at least improve the DOC to reflect that it is not supported.
  10. Re: Dynamic Objects bug in function GetSyncProperty

    Interesting find, the problem is indeed in the sorting. Adding a SortArray would have solved it if you would have sorted the right array in the right place. The psValue is not an advanced...
  11. Re: Request_Validate of hoSessionDD returns 90

    I can't imagine it doing that without maybe running the new web project wizard. Of course the cWebAppSessionDataDictionary.dd in pkg would be overwritten by the new installation. Are you sure it did...
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    Re: Dynamic Objects subclass question

    Hi Dan,

    The history management requires all possible paths to be registered when the WebApp starts up. This is required for the validation of URLs, which can be done by any of the available...
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    Re: Sensitive Button Touch

    So you want it more sensitive? Or less sensitive? The cWebButton simply implements the OnClick JS event.
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    Re: Temporary Indexes

    Temporary indexes have no issues with DF_DATABASE_DEFAULT_DATABASE, they also work properly with RedirectConnectionId. The temporary indexes are not created at the back-end, they are just stored in...
  15. Sticky: Re: Dynamic Objects Library Alpha 1 now available for download!

    The download should work again..
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    Re: cWebColumn OnBlur not working on tab

    It seems to work in my current testing. Can it be that the fix in also...
  17. Re: DrillDown Model and cWebColumnSuggestion

    Sounds like this issue:
  18. Re: Navigate forward to view with peStateMode vsmOff invalidates the url

    I confirmed your findings. We'll consider changing this in the product..
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    Re: cWebCombo not respecting data binding

    The cWebCombo can only display values that are in its list of items. So you need to fill it somehow (manually or using a validation table). Note that there is also the cWebParentCombo if you want to...
  20. Sticky: Re: Dynamic Objects Library Alpha 1 now available for download!

    - Removing individual objects is not possible with the current version. We'll look into adding that. Alternatives right now are to hide the individual objects or clearing the entire container.
  21. Sticky: Re: Dynamic Objects Library Alpha 1 now available for download!

    That is actually a good question. Without having access to my laptop I am not sure if you can destroy individual objects. You can definitely clear the entire container..
  22. Re: Web Grid Jumps back selected record or to blank line at the bottom of the web grid

    Can you reproduce this in one of the samples? Note that this behavior likely improved in 19.0 / 19.1 as we dramatically refactored the grids / lists there, if upgrading is an option I'd definitely...
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    Re: Incident Reporting app

    Note that the cWebFileUploadButton can be set to accept images and try to capture them using the camera. See pbCapture. Play around with this and see if does what you need..
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    Re: WebDateForm

    Try including the following JavaScript code:

    // Fix for WebDateForm/WebDatePicker on Internet Explorer 11 (HW: 2019/10/11)
    if(df.pnDataFlexVersion == 19.1){
  25. Sticky: Re: Dynamic Objects Library Alpha 1 now available for download!

    Good questions:

    what is the road map of this library?
    is that always gonna be an external library?
    will it be integrating back to DF in the future?
    This will flow back into the product in the...
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