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  1. Re: Can You Check for Expected Parameters Before Calling a Proc?

    Can you use "num_arguments" to test if called with no arguments? You can put a NOP of the method in the view object or other parent so you can send not knowing if your "Usually_Use" is present in...
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    Re: 19.1 question

    I do the (test <> False) instead of the (test = True) most of the time. Seems logical to test for the one know value.

    My main question with the if iTest vs. if (iTest) is if one is prefered given...
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    19.1 question

    I've got a "pre to 19.1" conversion program that fixes most of the "grunt" types of code changes to avoid compiler errors. With the new stuff being added to the language, do we want to run everything...
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    Re: "CONTAINS" vs "IN"

    At one time, wasn't it required to use IN for constraints because CONTAINS requires a Constrain AS and IN didn't?
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    Re: Creating a Library Workspace

    Thanks Mike.

    I'm exactly at the point in a library project that I need this for distribution.
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    Re: Multi language support

    I did a set of classes quite a few years ago (before CJ) that allowed multiple language labels. The user could select a language and also some options of how the label would be presented. I didn't...
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    Re: Coincidence?

    So that would make it 120,315,672,897
  8. Re: Finding a Phone Number amongst alot of Phone Numbers

    Are you looking to return to a selected customer screen after the lookup?

    Possible to have multiple customers with the same number?
  9. Re: trying to 'think like a keyboard' ...

    I've had problems in the past with forms disappearing. I was probably just doing something at the wrong time, but now avoid those problems by not doing.
  10. Re: trying to 'think like a keyboard' ...

    Also, don't do anything in the buttons code after the activate of another object other than ending the method.
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    compiler program location

    Should be "compiled program location"

    I have a .sws that uses a in a subdirectory (programs19) other than "normal" Programs. The compiler places the compiled program in the "normal"...
  12. Re: Code you REALLY do not want to run on a production database. Ever.

    Hard to cleanup the data when there is trouble with the Wife table.
  13. Re: Code you REALLY do not want to run on a production database. Ever.

    Remember that bill I sent you that you don't want to pay? Just forget about it.
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    Re: Is iExit a reserved word?

    Before there was iPhone
    Before there was iRobot
    there was iExit
  15. Re: OT Nerdalize anyone in the Netherlands using it

    We have some Facebook and Apple centers down the road from us. Wish I could tap into some of their waste heat. The power company put in a new substation off the big transmission lines that doubled...
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    Re: Which is faster?

  17. Re: You must enter a valid record id, Error 90

    The shortcut key thing would be that the focus is not changing. As I remember (and that is not alway accurate) my fix was to check the destination of item_change and modify request_save or...
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    Is there a way to rebuild DD list

    Is there a way to rebuild DD list without using the tools menu? I'm creating and updating DDs from outside the studio and would like them registered automatically. I'm getting old and the fewer...
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    Re: Read file twice in one procedure

    Do you already have existing code to work with lines?
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    Re: Sorting a array of struct?

    I have gone to putting a number (nSort) or string (sSort) field as the first field of a struct that I will want to sort. The number can be used to sort on a number or two integers (num1.num2) and...
  21. Re: Q: Issue with properties in a data event that is executed several times

    is anything messing with your global handle?

    Is your resultType correct. I would put a"case else" with a "move arraySize to arraySize" that I could put a breakpoint on to stop if not updating.
  22. Re: Battle of the beasts or which laptop is better

    For 10 grand a day, even my wife would let me work for 24 hours straight.
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    Re: Are posts here 'moderated'?

    Does the compiler catch it if there are no quotes? The compiler only sees a string of characters and not a string that is a date. It wouldn't throw an error until it tried to do a runtime convert...
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    Re: build

    I just downloaded and got the correct file.
  25. Re: 2 dbLists in a dbModalPanel (same file, different constraints)

    Sorry didn't get back quickly.

    I have used the same constrain_file parent, but if there is a chance the lists may display other parents that are different, you would need to alias those parents.
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